Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brittany Macintyre Will ‘Get Busy’ in the Library for a Fee

Brittany Macintyre (Facebook)

Tewksbury, New Hampshire

I have often thought that something should be done to revitalize America’s interest in public libraries. And low and behold, one woman in New Hampshire has given it her best shot.

I imagine that the public library in Tewksbury, New Hampshire is generally a non-eventful type of environment. However, according to police, there has been a lot more than just books opening at that particular facility.

On June 10, at approximately 6 PM, police detectives arrested 20-year-old Brittany Macintyre for offering sex for a fee at the library. Macintyre is a resident of nearby Nashua.

Police received a tip that a woman was soliciting sex for a fee from a library patron and sent detectives, in plain clothes, to investigate.

One of the detectives went to the area of the library where the suspect was present and had reportedly solicited the patron, according to Police Chief Tim Sheehan. “The suspect immediately engaged the detective in conversation. Ms. Macintyre then passed the detective a pen and a small piece of paper. Notes were exchanged back and forth until Ms. Macintyre requested $60 dollars for a sexual act.”

The detective and Macintyre then proceeded to the front entranceway of the library where she was placed under arrest. Detectives discovered that Macintyre had an outstanding warrant for drug possession out of Lawrence District Court.

She was charged with Sexual Conduct for a Fee (Prostitution), Warrant issued by Lawrence District Court for Possession of a Class A substance, and Possession of a Class B substance.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Las Vegas Shooting Spree: Details Emerge on Killers Jared and Amanda Miller

Las Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller

Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s becoming a tough job lately, keeping up with all of the mass shooting incidents happening around the country. The latest, this past weekend, occurred in Las Vegas.

Jerad and Amanda Miller killed three people, including two police officers and another victim who tried to help. The officers killed have been identified as Alyn Beck and and Igor Soldo, along with another victim, Robert Wilcox.

Beck, 41, was a married father of three who had been with the department since 2001. Soldo, 31, had been with the department since 2006. He is survived by a wife and baby, police said. Wilcox was a resident of Las Vegas.

The shooting took place late Sunday morning, while the officers were having lunch at CiCi’s Pizza restaurant.

Authorities say that Jerad Miller pulled a handgun out and shot officer Soldo one time in the back of the head. Officer Beck immediately began to react, but was shot once in the throat area. Amanda Miller then removed a handgun from her purse and both Jerad and Amanda fired multiple shots into officer Beck.

After shooting the officers, police say the suspects pulled the men out of the booth and laid them on the floor. They then placed a flag – a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words, "Don't tread on Me" – on top of Beck, along with a swastika. On Soldo, the two placed a note, police said, that read, "This is the start of the revolution."

After the shooting, police say the couple took the officers' handguns and ammunition and fled across the street to a nearby Walmart. There, police say, Jerad Miller fired off one round and told everyone to get out of the store. At some point he allegedly yelled, "This is a revolution."

Inside the Walmart, 31-year-old Robert Wilcox approached Jerad Miller, not noticing Amanda Miller. During the confrontation, Amanda Miller shot Wilcox in the rib area.

A shootout with pursuing officers ensued, during which Amanda Miller took her handgun and fired several rounds into Her next move, was to take her handgun and end her own life with one gunshot to the head.

The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports Jerad Miller's criminal record dates back to 2007 and includes arrests for drugs, criminal recklessness, misdemeanor battery and violating jail records.

The Las Vegas Sun on Monday interviewed residents at the Las Vegas apartment complex where Jerad and Amanda Miller reportedly lived together. According to the couple's neighbors, they were street performers and had a reputation for spouting racist and anti-government views.

Amanda Miller (Facebook)
According to a Facebook page attributed to Jerad Miller, he was a graduate of Kennewick High School, in Kennewick, Washington. The profile indicates he married his wife on Sept. 22, 2012. The last publicly viewable status update was made to the profile on June 7, the day before the shootings. It reads:

"The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it."

Last Weekend in Portland: Some Happy and Not So Happy Bicycle Seats

Portland, Oregon

It’s a well-known slogan for Portland residents, “Keep Portland Weird.” And over the weekend, the city did not disappoint as the 11th annual World Naked Bike ride took place. The event is a protest that promotes bike riding as an alternative to driving cars. Enjoy a few of the highlights.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Texas Dentist William Birdwell Charged with Improper Photography for ‘Peeping’ in Employee Changing Room

Bryan, Texas

Down in “Aggieland,” residents discovered an unsavory taste in their mouths after hearing of a local dentist’s arrest for allegedly recording a fellow female employee changing clothes.

Dr. William Regan Birdwell, 67, was arrested on Wednesday after an employee called Bryan police to report finding a camcorder in the employee changing room.

According to the arrest report, the female employee went in to change before going to the gym. Birdwell asked the employee if he could go into the bathroom before her, and the employee said yes. Moments later, Birdwell came back out.

The employee told officers the bathroom has cubby boxes for each of the employees. When she went back in, the employee started changing and removed her shirt. She noticed that Birdwell's box was pulled out and angled toward a large mirror in the bathroom. According to the report, she told officers that when she went to push the box back in to the cubby, she noticed the camcorder. The employee put her shirt back on and told a co-worker about the camera. She went back into the bathroom, took a picture of the camera with her cellphone and left the office.

According to authorities, the employee called her husband who told her to secure the camera until police could get there. She called a co-worker, who went to get the camera, but told her it was already gone. The co-worker told the employee that Birdwell went into the bathroom shortly after the employee left.

When police arrived, Birdwell denied the allegations. However, following a search of the changing room and the discovery of a camcorder, Birdwell finally admitted that “He did it.”

Birdwell was appointed to the state board of dental examiners by Gov. Rick Perry. Ironically, that state board often investigates dentists for misconduct.

Dr. Birdwell has been charged with felony improper photography. He shares an office with Dr. Stephen Wright.

Dr. Wright, Birdwell's partner in the dental practice, released the following statement Thursday afternoon in response to Birdwell's arrest:

"The staff of Birdwell & Wright Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and I were both surprised and saddened to learn of the recent events involving Dr. Birdwell. Our hearts and prayers go out to all involved, including our staff member and her family as well as the Birdwell family. My staff and I remain committed to providing quality dental care to our patients in and around Brazos County. We will continue to act with care, concern, compassion, and integrity to all of those that have entrusted us with their dental needs."