Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Texas Teacher's Aide, Shanice Lambert, Arrested for Sexually Molesting a Child

Shanice Lambert

Shanice Lambert Mugshot
Shanice Lambert
Childress, Texas

I am wondering what is going on in Texas schools. Is there more than water flowing through the water fountains, or a decline in horny and available men?

We add a new “sexy predator” to the list of naughty teachers with a fetish for the young weenie. This time around, it’s Shanice Lambert, who looks like she is ready to get laid in all of her personal photos on Facebook and Myspace.

Shanice Lambert
Shanice Lambert

In other weirdness, on her Myspace page, she writes:

"I enjoy alone time!!! But that doesn’t happen very often. I know this sounds weird but one of my favorite things, is wearing a brand new pair of socks!!"

She also posted a picture of her legs..

Shanice Lambert

Police in Childress accuse the 37-year-old teacher's aide of sexually molesting a child and improper relationship with a student. The Texas Rangers are now joining in on the investigation.

Lambert has been on administrative leave from the Childress Independent School District since March 20 and authorities arrested her on Wednesday. She is currently free on $20,000 in bonds.

Lambert is the third teacher from the area to get into trouble the end of last year. Authorities are not specifying which school.

Shanice Lambert: Childress police have charged the 37-year-old with two counts of improper relationship with a minor.