Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laura Olson Has Room Available, After Stabbing Male Roommate Over Cleaning Habits

Fort Pierce, Florida

I recall years ago, while in college, frustrations finding the right roommate. It’s always hard to find someone who shares your same traits.

And it seems that Laura Olson has been facing the same struggle. The 29-year-old aspiring Victoria’s Secret model found a quick way to cut the clutter, so to-speak. According to police, Olson became unhappy with her new male roommate, who she had subleased a room to just a week prior, over his cleaning habits.

Olson attempted to persuade leasing personnel to remove the man. However, she was reminded that it was her responsibility, as the one who subleased the apartment, to remove the tenant in question. On her way home from the rental office, Olson picked-up a pair of scissors and stabbed the roommate in the chest. The man’s son happened to be nearby watching in disbelief.

Investigators say Olson swung the scissors at the victim. When the victim grabbed her hands to prevent being stabbed, Olson allegedly used both hands to force the scissors into the man's chest.

"He grabbed her hands and attempted to stop the thrust, but she kept pushing," stated the arrest affidavit.

Following the stabbing, the victim called 911 and was transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center where he was treated for a puncture wound to his upper chest.

Olson told the cops the victim had stabbed himself with a screwdriver, but investigators could not find any evidence to support her claim. It didn’t help that the police found scissors in a pond outside of the apartment.

Olson was booked into jail and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence.