Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Texas Community Relations Director Calli Dretke Creates 'Community Disaster' While Driving Drunk

Montgomery County, Texas

I think most of us would agree that you should not even think about drinking and driving. Likewise, I think most of would agree that if you are going to drive drunk, you probably should stay as far away from cops as possible. For one woman in Montgomery, however, she did the exact opposite. In fact, she got a little too close for comfort.

A county sheriff's deputy was attempting to subdue another DWI suspect on Research Road at about 2 a.m Sunday. After this suspect tried to kick out one of the cruiser's rear windows, the officer called for backup, and the BAT Van was the first to arrive, followed minutes later by a second police car. The BAT van is equipped with blood alcohol testing equipment.

Authorities say that while all three vehicles had their emergency lights on, 25-year-old Calli Dretke first slammed into the BAT van, causing extensive damages, and then clipped both patrol cars. To make matters worse, an officer was standing in the drunken path. The officer tried to jump on top of his unit and avoid Dretke’s vehicle. Unfortunately, the DWI Diva was too quick and the officer received a broken leg.

Calli Dretke, at least before this incident, wouldn’t be easily pinned as a boozer. She is married to a Houston fire fighter, is active on Pinterest and serves as Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Huntsville Memorial Hospital.

Dretke has been charged with felony intoxication assault of a police officer, with bond set at $50,000.