Thursday, May 3, 2012

Destiny Adams, AKA Destiny Butcher, Not the Brightest Criminal in East Texas!

Nacogdoches, Texas

Another story from East Texas, which is similar to Florida, but in Texas.

I am going to guess that an East Texas woman’s criminal defense attorney, if she has one, is probably shitting bricks over the actions of a client. Even those of us who aren’t lawyer-types know the drill of the accused – keep your damn mouth shut. For one woman, those pesky news and blog commenters drove her to lash out and say more than she probably should have.

Police arrested Destiny Adams, AKA Destiny Butcher of Cushing, last week for allegedly keying a paint job on a truck. She and a group of friends were hanging out on an East Texas man’s property. When the property owner asked the group to leave the property, Adams decided to leave a parting gift in the form of $2000 worth of damage to the owner’s vehicle with her keys.

Authorities charged Adams, 20, with criminal mischief, a state jail felony.

KTRE-TV in Nacogdoches broke the story and as usual, the commenters began to do what they do. Apparently, Adams was keeping tabs on the news coverage and decided to lash out in response to the comments. Someone claiming to be Destiny Butcher posted the following:

Destiny Butcher

3 days ago

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ok yes i am the one accused of keying the truck! he lied about the estimate... he called his friend that dont know anything and got it.. his friend said 1500 tho and the guy that i keyed his truck said 2000... i did this because he started talkin about my kids... and etc. and just to let u other people know we did leave his property we got in the car before he started calling the cops. so that is a lie and yea i have witnesses... so before yall want to comment on something and talk about it why dont u try and at least know what happened first!

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Destiny Butcher

3 days ago

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look i did leave!!!! i was already leavin when he called the cops!! and ricky kiss my ****! i got 2 kids by the same man cuz i was married! but know what i dont care what yall say becuz i know why i did it and i know the truth!! yall can try and bring me down cuz its not gonna work! and thank u two.bit.score! cuz the only scratch i did was on he front fender and wasnt nothin but like 6-8 inches long! thats all i done! and yes it is a piece of **** truck and to let yall know i wasnt the first one to key his truck!!! so bam.... and he didnt do **** to her!

Since then, a commenter reminded her of the old saying, “Anything you say can and will be used against you in court.” Not sure if she will pay attention or not, but at this point, would it really do any good?

She has been venting on Facebook as well, with the following:

i wish people would just stop yappin their mouth! its gettin harder and harder for me to ignore them! im tryin to stay strong and keep my mind off of things that i need to be worried about... i mean WTH is a person suppose to do when every time u look at FB or ur in town n some one is pointin at u all because they seen u on the news? these people are actin like i done went and kidnapped a kid or somethin... give me a break!!! a person can only take so much before they explode... and hopefully i can contain my emotions and just chill....