Friday, May 11, 2012

Self-Proclaimed Texas PR Pro Michael Sewell Busted for Latest Project, Posting Revenge 'Sex With Ex' Video on YouTube

Houston, Texas

A self-proclaimed Public Relations guru in Houston (Twitter profile name "myprrocks") has successfully achieved major publicity over his latest project. Unfortunately, this is probably not the best addition to the portfolio according to Houston police.

Michael Sewell, 32, has been charged with felony improper photography/visual recording. Police say when Sewell’s girlfriend broke-up with him, he threatened to post a sex video the two had made online unless she stayed. She left and he retaliated by posting a sex video on YouTube.

Authorities say Sewell and his ex-girlfriend started dating in 2009 and recorded some of their sexual encounters. However, the girlfriend told police the videos were not supposed to be shown to anyone else.

The couple broke up in November. According to court documents, Sewell demanded that their relationship continue or he would post the videos online.

Detectives said Sewell posted an edited video of multiple sexual encounters on YouTube.

Sewell allegedly admitted to putting the video online with the intention to embarrass his ex-girlfriend at work and possibly get her fired.

Hey, speaking of posting videos, you might check out Sewell’s YouTube channel. Apparently, in addition to being unlucky in love and a sore loser, as well as a total douchebag, he is an aspiring lip sync rock star-type wannabe dumbass or something. His Youtube username is...get this, plfy4wguy.

As they say, dude, don’t quit your day job.

But, if I may play devil's advocate for a moment, did Sewell really violate the law as it's written? Consider this, the ex-girlfriend consented to the sex video. Sewell, as the creator, holds the rights to the video to do with it as he pleases. Maybe guilty of bad judgement, but as for the improper photography thing..good luck with that one. 

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