Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Michigan Woman Takes ‘Licking the Kitty’ to the Extreme

Detroit, Michigan

So, I was thinking about whipping-up a batch of angel hair pasta, when I accidentally ran across this story. And thank goodness, I found it before, rather than after – thus, avoiding the discomfort of an explosive bout with dry heaves.

Anyway, I am talking about a wackbag known only as Lisa, who takes licking the kitty a little too far. And this one takes it any way she can get it, off the floor, the couch and her favorite – right off the cat.

The 43-year-old Detroit woman says she can’t go longer than two hours without a little feline fur fix. What’s even more disturbing, I guess, is the fact that she knows just how much hair she has taken. I mean, come on guys, we all admit to have swallowed a few stray ones since college, right. Well for Lisa, the total to date adds up to about 3200 hairballs.

She is just one of the many strange folks featured on TLC’s Strange Addiction. I’ll leave the rest up to the video below (if you are brave enough to watch).