Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Judge: Houston Teacher Kathryn Camille Murray Will Remain Jailed for Sexual Assault and Harboring Former Student

Houston, Texas

By now, you are probably familiar with the name Kathryn Camille Murray of Houston.

She is accused of having sexual relations with a middle school student she was teaching at Memorial Middle School. Back in February 2012, Murray, then 29, was eventually charged with three counts of sexual abuse and one count of improper relationship with a student. She was fired from her job of three years after the charges.

Up until two weeks ago, Murray was out of jail on bond, though required to wear a GPS device, and was still restricted by a restraining order from going near the teen.

According to police, the latest twist came two weeks ago when they say they discovered the teen at the home of Murray’s father. So, they arrested her again, charging her with for allegedly harboring the teenager, who is now 16.

The judge in the case revoked her bond. Earlier today, a judge ruled that Murray will remain behind bars. This after the defense said Murray was suffering from depression in jail and requested that she be allowed treatment away from her cell.

As far as depression goes, I agree with one commenter who said, “It ain’t the Omni, it’s jail!” However, I do take issue with the boy’s mother, who continues to find her way in front of the cameras to talk about how her son is “not doing well at all.” If she was so worried about her son, why didn’t she keep a closer watch on him? After all, he went to looking for Murray and I would venture to guess that he probably knew exactly what he was doing. No punishment for Pedro?

Now, before you get all bent out of shape, I am not overlooking what Kathryn Murray did. But, neither can I overlook some of the decisions made by this young man. Traumatized? Come on…