Thursday, March 21, 2013

Florida Backpage Bimbo Priscilla Vaughn Busted for Biting Penis

Orlando, Florida

If you’re a huntin’ a little lovin’ and companionship, and thinkin’ about turning to Backpage, you might want to take a moment to let your big head do the thinking.

You see, one gentleman learned his lesson the hard way after responding to the escort classifieds on the popular classifieds website.

The woman he met on the other end of the adult escort ad was Priscilla Vaughn, not really a beauty queen, but haven’t we all been in a similar pinch at one point or another?

Following a nice, elegant dinner at Applebees, the couple wound up at a hotel. Maybe to help get in the mood, Vaughn consumed ecstasy, marijuana and even a little alcohol before “going downtown” on the man.

However, according to authorities, Vaughn’s idea of a blowjob is about as painful as a blow torch. She allegedly started biting his penis and genitals, causing them to bleed.

The man told deputies it appeared as if she was "trying to eat his penis and testicles." He tried to fight her off but said she was too powerful as she tried to gouge his eyes out, according to the sheriff's report.

The man also suffered from scratches on his leg, abdomen, chest and fingers. After leaving him with a bleeding member, Vaughn took his car keys and broke his phone so he couldn't call for help, according to the report.

The man told deputies he locked himself in the bathroom until authorities arrived, responding to multiple callers reporting screaming and growling noises from the room.

Responding deputies said Vaughn continued to growl and snarl at them as they placed her under arrested for aggravated battery, attempted second-degree murder, false imprisonment and tampering with witness to hinder communication to law enforcement.

The victim and his member were treated by Fire Rescue and trauma center personnel at Orlando Regional Medical Center.