Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Texas School Nurse’s Aide Maria Calvillo is the Sick One: Charged With Having Sex With Underage Student

Houston, Texas

I remember my old school nurse. I stayed as far away from her as I could. She just smelled funny, like a mixture of rubbing alcohol and latex.

However, at Alief ISD, there seems to be no problem getting too close to nurse’s aide Maria Calvillo. According to police, the 38-year-old Calvillo is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old senior at Taylor High School.

Her bail was set at $10,000 after she went before a judge Monday evening.

School police say there is overwhelming evidence against the former nurse's aide, which speaks for itself.

Calvillo admitted the relationship started as a simple conversation on Facebook before turning into legs-in-the-air, full-blown, hardcore sex inside the school facility.

The boy's mother is the one who tipped off police after finding the conversations between her son and Calvillo.

Other parents were disturbed by the shocking accusations that Calvillo got physical with the boy at school.

“We applaud boys. We say ‘oh yeah he got an older girl.’ That’s a cool thing for boys. As a parent, there’s nothing cool about you molesting my child period,” Osby Phillips said.

“I’m shocked,” Stella Hitchens, a parent, said. “I’m a nurse and I would never. Oh, my gosh. I can’t even imagine being a school nurse and taking advantage of a child,” Hitchens said.

Neighbors say Calvillo is married and has children of her own.