Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Dumbass Taylor Chapman Gains Her 15-Minutes of Fame: Foul-Mouthed Donut House Rant Goes Viral

Broward County, Florida

You know, in a way, I can almost understand why Taylor Chapman would have reason to be so incredibly pissed-off. Put yourself in her place, an aspiring model/TV spokesperson in a state surrounded by babes much prettier than you, an earlier attempt to interview Ludacris that really only demonstrated a lack of talent, left only to be an internet face and voice-for-hire for a shitty little social media company. Hey, the woman has problems, OK!

Of course, I think her problems just got worse. That is, after Chapman’s plan to pop her popularity on Facebook by bullying the crew down at the local Dunkin Donuts has backfired. During one of her recent visits, a Broward County Dunkin Donuts allegedly failed to give the 27-year-old Chapman her receipt. So she decided to arm herself with a video camera and return, hell-bent on holding them to their stated policy of providing a free order anytime an employee fails to give a customer their receipt.

Chapman enters the store and warns the employee that he is "under video surveillance" before unleashing a barrage of foul language, insults, racial remarks and arrogant blather onto him. She also manages to throw in the fact that she “has a business degree” and has contacted her lawyer who is “working on it.” I have no doubt, there is a lawyer or two who might consider “working” on her jelly-filled delight – I mean, let’s be honest, right guys?

At any rate, the employee kept cool and collected as she unloaded an 8-minute long rant. He worked toward politely replacing her order and clearly deserves a raise and promotion in my opinion. I, on the other hand, would have simply offered to glaze her donut a time or two.

Before clicking on the video, just be advised that Chapman is a potty-mouth.

By the way, if you would like to have Chapman as your own personal spokesbitch, she is (at least for now) employed by an Internet ad agency called Power Sales Team. They continue to list her as a friendly spokesmodel for your advertising dollars.

And now, the Dunkin Donuts Rant