Saturday, June 15, 2013

Florida Dunkin Donuts Rant Girl Taylor Chapman Destroys Her Life in Less Than a Week

Broward County, Florida

Up until a few days ago, Taylor Chapman was just a typical Florida girl, with all the hopes and dreams that I think we all share. She was an aspiring model spokesperson type, which seems to be a trend with a number of Florida gals. She was also engaged and very active on the Internet, with a Facebook profile, YouTube account, Twitter page and probably a hidden sex tape or two (another trait of most Florida gals).

And then it happened. Either some type of hormonal change occurred, or probably more likely, some type of "chemical reaction" took place, sending her into a "fit" over a Dunkin Donuts receipt. Armed with her iPhone, the self-proclaimed marketing guru (and "Law School Major") stormed her local Donut Shop to give them a piece of her mind -- and what a mind it turned out to be, filled with bad grammar, racism and overall psychotic tendencies.

The video made an impact of course. And the rest is history. You have seen the video, haven't you?

In a matter of hours, the name Taylor Chapman became an Internet sensation. Go ahead, Google the name.

In the hours that followed, we learned that Chapman had worked as a contractor for Power Sales Team, an Internet marketing firm. We also learned that she was engaged to a someone with a criminal history. We also learned just how quickly someone can destroy their own life with social media.

As of today, Taylor Chapman has apparently gone into hiding, along with her sketchy boyfriend. Power Sales Team has removed her photo from their website and announced her termination. And worst of all, she is probably banned from all Dunkin Donuts across the nation, which is something I could absolutely not handle. Likewise, because of the negative sentiment, I am sure she wouldn't even be considered for porn movies, no matter how foul her mouth can be.

Then again, maybe she has a future as a rapper???