Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ohio Subway Sandwich Artist Ian Jett Lets His Sex Organ and Loaf of Bread Get Him Canned

Columbus, Ohio

I remember when a friend of mine revealed that she once worked at Subway. She went on to tell me too much information, like how one slow day, a male co-worker decided to teabag the cold cuts. I vowed then to never eat at Subway ever again.

This week, my strong conviction has been staunchly affirmed once again. That is after a douche bag in Columbus, Ohio named Ian Jett, who works at Subway, posted a photo online of his penis touching a loaf of bread. The caption read, "My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today."

Another photo was posted by Jett’s friend, Cameron Boggs, depicting a bottle of frozen pee, yes by way of the freezer at Subway.

Store employees confirmed that Boggs and Jett currently work at the Subway location at Tuttle Crossing Boulevard in Columbus.

Ian Jett (L) Cameron Boggs (R)

Other photos posted on the pairs Twitter and Instagram pages include Subway bread molded into the shape of a penis.


Subway has confirmed that the two men have been fired.