Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Police: Texas Pastor Romulo Jimenez Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted an 8-Year-Old Girl on Church Property

Romulo Jimenez and wife, who says husband has repented

Houston, Texas

A Houston pastor is in deep doo doo today, after police say he sexually assaulted an 8-year-old female parishioner multiple times on church property.

The “man of God,” Romulo Jimenez, is charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. He is the pastor at Centro Christiano Vida Nueva in Houston, Texas. The church is located at 8811 Synott.

According to authorities, the little girl said that on one Friday evening in 2012, Jimenez asked her to accompany him to his church office. She claims Jimenez then sexually assaulted her.

In another incident, police say Jimenez took the girl to his parked car in the parking lot of the church and sexually assaulted her.

Then on February 8, 2013, a witness told police she saw Jimenez coming out of his church bathroom late at night, then the witness found the girl in the restroom with her pants and underwear down. Court documents state the witness confronted Jimenez who told the witness that he was helping her go to the restroom. He then left.

The witness said she told the girl's parents and then contacted Child Protective Services.

The girl's mother kept asking her about the incident in the bathroom until she eventually disclosed that Jimenez had touched her.

The little girl’s parents confronted Jimenez who admitted he made a mistake, but would not discuss details. That’s when the parents contacted police.

Investigators say Jimenez's wife said her husband did not deny it and confessed to the girl's parent's his guild and mistake about the poor decision he had made, and that he had repented for his mistake. His wife told police there were two other incidents in the church kitchen.