Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jade Cullen Got Her Pee Mixed-Up in Her Vagina: Brought Another’s Urine to Probation Meeting

Jade Cullen (Facebook)

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

For a while, I really thought the stories of girls using their puss pouch as a carry-all had died down. Well, thanks to Jade Cullen, the vagina is the luggage of choice, once again.

Cullen, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was jailed following a drug screening down at the local probation office. You see, she allegedly hid another person's urine inside her vagina during the process.

According to authorities, Cullen had a scheduled drug screening at the Monroe County Courthouse Monday when her probation officer noticed that she was fidgeting with something in between her legs.

A closer inspection revealed the cause of the itch. Police discovered that Cullen was hiding a condom inside her vagina filled with another person's urine.

Cullen later admitted that she attempted to fake the urine test because she had snorted heroin earlier in the month.

Cullen was ordered to meet with a probation officer and submit to random drug screens when she was released last May.

Needless to say, she was re-directed to the Monroe County Correctional Facility and charged with possession of an instrument of a crime and furnishing drug free urine. She is also accused of violating her parole.